George A. Romero’s Martin Review (Spoilers)

July 7, 2018

I review Martin, the George A. Romero vampire movie.  Spoilers come at you faster than blood from a wrist.  Ewwwww.


Show notes:

-The last time I saw Martin

-I knew the ending from Tom Savini’s Scream Greats

-What I thought of Martin back then

-What I looked for in Martin as kid


-What I think of Martin now

-Guerilla filmmaking

-The budget and way it was shot

-It’s vibe

-The special effects

-Savini’s philosophy

-The blood

-Dick Smith formula

-The plot

-Was he or wasn’t he?

-The pace of the plot

-Character development

-The acting

-John Amplas

-The dialogue

-The town

-The budget


-What I expect

-The ending

-The theme of Martin

-Romero’s career

-My recommendation


-What people in the 70s may have thought

-The Exorcist

-The wrist slashing scenes

-Before DNA evidence


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Deadpool 2 Review (Spoilers)

June 28, 2018

This is my immediate reaction to Deadpool 2. Spoilers are ahead!


Show notes:

-That was a yawn

-What did I think?

-Why did I get scared?

-Seeing the first Deadpool

-How does it compare to the first one?

-The comedy

-The drama

-The characters

-Ryan Reynolds

-My familiarity with the comic


-X Force

-The Vanisher

-The after credits

-The jokes

-Negasonic Teenage Warhead


-The X-Men

-Monster Magnet

-Tales of Brave Ulysses

-The Marvel films and stakes

-What makes Deadpool stand out

-Superhero movies and comedy

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George A. Romero’s Knightriders (Spoilers)

June 21, 2018

I review Knightriders, the somewhat forgotten George A. Romero movie starring Ed Harris, about a troupe of motorcycle riding, renaissance faire knights.  Yes, really! 

I haven’t seen this movie since I was a kid and I found it boring then.  Does the 41 year old me feel the same way?  Listen with your purposely dulled sword, mace, or axe to find out!

It doesn’t take a Merlin to know that spoilers are coming at you faster than a Harley with a lance.


Show notes: 

-Not Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff.

-Ed Harris

-When I first saw Knightriders

-After seeing Knightriders again

-The acting

-The message of the movie

-The ending

-The livelihood of the troupe

-Pro wrestling

-Would this troupe be successful today?

-The struggles of the road

-Selling out

-What I thought of the pacing, then and now

-The gay issue

-The women characters

-Romero and women roles

-The conflict in the movie and how it relates to real life (including mine)

-My advice

-Romero’s opinion of Knightriders

-Harris’ loyalty

-Going on the road and riding motorcycles

-Romero’s other movies

-My verdict on Knightriders


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Fight or yield!


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The Americans Series Finale Review (Spoilers)

June 12, 2018

I review “START”, the series finale of The Americans.

You don’t have to be in counter-intelligence to know that there will be spoilers


Show notes:

-What did I think?

-The ending

-Previous episodes this season

-What the creators think

-What stood out

-Stan Beeman

-Predictability, a Last Jedi digression

-The music and With or Without You

-The train to Canada

-Paige Jennings

-Henry Jennings

-What would happen in modern America

-Philip and Elizabeth are my parents age

-A letdown

-The Americans compared to other series endings

-What I wanted to see

-What stood out in the series

-Rooting for Philip and Elizabeth?

-Gray areas

-Liking the characters

-Elizabeth and Philip, and Stan’s arcs

-The Jennings, Stan, good and evil, right and wrong

-Who would I side with?


-When The Americans alluded to present day

-History repeating itself

-Handheld video games in the 80s

-What I want, moving forward

-Plugs and the origin of the podcast title

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My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade Breakdown

June 2, 2018

Welcome to the Black Parade . . . Breakdown. 

The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance is one of my favorite albums.  After a few listens, I began to discover the similarities to certain songs by other artists that I liked. By similarities, I don’t mean that MCR is stealing, I use think they’re using their influences wisely.

Therefore, I have picked songs from The Black Parade that I feel are the most similar to other songs, play clips of those songs back to back, and then give my thoughts.

This podcast focuses on MCR’s The Sharpest Lives and Welcome to the Black Parade being influenced by Queen’s Now I’m Here and Bohemian Rhapsody, respectively.

Show notes:

-We hear birds!

-The last Black Parade Breakdown (

-The Sharpest Lives and Now I’m Here clips and analysis

-When I first listened to The Sharpest Lives

-Welcome to the Black Parade and Bohemian Rhapsody similarities

-The crescendos

-The fast parts

-I’m tired

-The next Black Parade Breakdown


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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review (Spoilers)

May 26, 2018

Erin and I review Solo: A Star Wars Story about a half hour after watching it.  Does it hold together or is it truly a piece of junk?

Spoilers arrive at light speed!


Show notes:

-What did we think?

-Trying to go into Solo blind

-What the movie conveyed

-Ethics and morals

-Alden Ehrenreich’s performance

-Donald Glover

-Mike’s initial worry


-A criticism


-Where on the timeline

-Donald Glover fans take over the Donald Trump subreddit

-This is Cloud City (not “The Empire”)

-Crimson Dawn

-Han Solo and Lando Calrissian’s relationship


-Lando and L3-37

-Lando’s mother

-Han’s father

-Han and Kylo Ren


-The “Legends” books and life debt

-More Solo movies?

-Mike sneezes

-Box office predictions

-Mike sneezes again

-Mike sneezes yet again

-Women’s roles in Solo


-The Rebellion

-Qi’ra and Han’s relationship

-Han shot first

-The action and tension

-Could Erin and I live like Han?

-The gamblers

-The Millennium Falcon

-Mike’s nephew

-Trying to be spoiler free

-Conspiracy theories


-The dice

-What did we think of L3?

-Our wish

-Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Gwendolyn Christie

-The Kessel Run

-Mike couldn’t think of the Kobayashi Maru

-The name Solo

-How does Solo rank with the other Star Wars movies?

-Back to the women

-Lawrence Kasdan



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Harold Guskin and How to Stop Acting

May 24, 2018

The great acting teacher Harold Guskin, has died.  He was known throughout the acting circles due to his famous students like Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, and James Gandolfini but his actual approach did not enjoy the mainstream attention like Lee Strasberg, Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, etc. 

I talk about Guskin’s approach to acting and his book “How to Stop Acting”, which was a game changer in my life.


Show notes:

-I’m tired

-How I found out Harold Guskin died

-Game changers in life

-Guskin’s book, “How to Stop Acting”

-When I first read it

-Lee Strasberg

-How Strasberg taught

-Being yelled at

-How I feel about tough love

-How I discovered “How to Stop Acting”

-After reading the first few pages . . .

-Reminding me how I used to live life

-How I feel about acting

-I explain the foundation of Guskin’s approach, “Taking It Off the Page”

-How the moment creates spontaneity

-How will the line come out? I don’t know and neither should you.

-Getting to emotional scenes compared to other approaches

-It doesn’t matter your level of acting

-Guskin’s Holy Trinity (Kline, Close, Gandolfini)

-I wrote him a letter a few years ago

-I am now awake and have a message to my sleepy self

-Emailing Guskin

-Not a technique?

-To take a class or not take a class?

-My issue with Guskin

-Using different approaches to form your own

-Jesper Triel Gissel and The Generous Actor

-The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the blues

-A difference between Jesper’s approach and Guskin’s

-Feeling alone after reading “How to Stop Acting”

-Challenging the established acting techniques

-Guskin’s like punk rock

-Spreading the word

-So read “How to Stop Acting” and “The Generous Actor”

-Planting seeds

-Where Guskin started

-We need rebels

-Tribalism and acting techniques

-I need coffee






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Avengers: Infinity War Review (Spoilers)

May 21, 2018

SPOILERS START RIGHT AWAY for this Music, Movies and More quickie!


Show Notes:

-What would be fantastic

-What we all know

-I haven’t read the comics

-The brave move

-What I thought

-The amount of characters

-What I wished

-What I think of the Marvel movies I’ve seen

-The after credits

-If you did not read the comics

-The humor

-The writing

-What Avengers: Infinity War sparked

-Do you have to see all the movies


-What makes a good villain

-Thanos and Killmonger






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I Bought CDs?!?!?

May 20, 2018

I decided to buy CDs with my Barnes and Noble gift card and then wait for them to arrive via snail mail.  Yes, I know it’s not 1999.  Yes, I know I can easily listen/buy these albums on the Internet, but I chose not to. I decided to wait until these CDs arrive to listen to them.  This decision brought me back to buying music as a kid, and my reaction to these feelings are explained.


Show notes:

-How and why I did what I did

-How I like to read books

-Hanging on to my past

-What I’m currently reading

-The new book I ordered

-The importance of paying for music

-Once I get these CDs . . .

-What I discovered while ordering

-The bad and good parts about waiting

-The CDs I bought

-It’s Boarding House Reach

-Part of why I loved music so much as a kid

-My buying process in the 90s

-Excitement and anticipation

-Protest songs?

-Am I punishing myself?

-Getting older

-Will I do this again?

-How I normally buy music

-Going to a concert before YouTube

-Watching concerts on YouTube, recorded before YouTube

-Modern technology

-Still building excitement






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The Last Jedi is the Greatest Star Wars Movie

May 7, 2018

After watching The Last Jedi for the third time, I felt inspired to give a few reasons why this is the best of them all.  I defend the movie from some of its criticisms, while possibly going mad in the process of doing so.


Your thoughts don't betray you. There are spoilers ahead.


Show notes:

-How I feel after the third time


-Older people getting resentful

-My age and how it relates to Star Wars history

-Hanging on to the past

-Bitterness and resentment does not escape the world of Star Wars

-Why The Last Jedi irked some people

-Being different

-Gray areas

-White men

-Star Wars was never and will never be “ours”

-Attacking Star Wars for the wrong reasons

-What The Last Jedi represents

-Movies and life

-When I don’t like a movie

-If I don’t like a Star Wars movie

-Going on a mad tear

-Defending the Canto Bight sequence

-Why this movie was so good

-The purpose of Canto Bight

-The last scene of the movie

-The failure of heroes

-Rey and Mary Sue

-Minor mistakes with The Force Awakens

-Rey and Luke comparisons

-The de-feminized fan edit and frightened men

-Rey is not a perfect character

-Snoke’s throne room

-Yoda’s message

-Defending the slow speed chase

-The Holdo Manuever

-The Last Jedi compared to The Empire Strikes Back

-Hopes and worries for Episode IX

-Who wants the same things over and over again?

-Rose and Finn

-Poe’s arc

-Arguing Star Wars

-Hating the movie for the wrong reasons

-Hating the movie for the right reasons

-What I’m doing now





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Anyway, May the Force Be With You . . . Always

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