Radiohead’s No Surprises Review

May 2, 2018

I analyze the Radiohead classic while I wait for my truck to be jump started. 


Show notes:

-My predicament

-My Radiohead fandom and opinion on OK Computer

-90s music

-The effect of No Surprises on me

-My mind

-The meaning of the song

-The music

-The subject of No Surprises

-The lyrics and reverse psychology


-What I originally thought the song was about

-The name of my production company and Alessandro from Besnate Italy

-The lyrics

-The conversation within the lyrics

-How to decrease anxiety in 2018 America

-A handshake of carbon monoxide

-What I think of silence

-What the subject plans to do after the final fit

-Staying in your bubble

-How to bring about change

-Such a pretty house . . .

-The beauty of music

-Back to the music

-Rolling Stone’s coverage of OK Computer

-The theme of OK Computer

-This song makes me cry

-Music helps me feel

-Wanting no alarms


-Back to America 2018

-My Radiohead “fandom”

-Kid A

-Radiohead today

-Returning to guitars?

-Seeing Radiohead live

-The Bends

-For those who haven’t heard OK Computer . . .





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Arrival Review (Spoilers)

April 27, 2018

This is the second, and hopefully final, podcast of The Flu Sessions.  I’ve been meaning to see Arrival for a while and the flu gave me that chance.  Was it worth the wait or did it make me just want to get a spaceship and go?

You don’t have to be a cunning linguist to know that this podcast contains spoilers.

Show notes:

-I’m still recovering from the flu

-What was really great about Arrival

-The main conflict

-The twist

-Science, logic, and reason

-Mah Jong

-The daughter

-Back to the flu and how it’s made me feel

-If I was Louise . . .

-Louise’s life




-The look and the acting


-Denis Villeneuve

-The benefit of having the flu

-Being sick today versus being sick as a kid

-All of our television watching options


-Back to Arrival






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The Walking Dead, “Still Gotta Mean Something” Review (S8, E14) - Spoilers

April 15, 2018

This podcast contains the flu, and spoilers for both the show and the comic.

I had at the flu during this review. Hey, that rhymes! I felt like the walking dead so it’s only appropriate that I review The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 14 “Still Gotta Mean Something”.

For the past few seasons, The Walking Dead has had some good episodes in a mostly dark sucky void of awful. So did this episode continue the trend of awful and cringeworthy or did it shine a bright light across the void?

I review the show and then play my thoughts about the episode, during the episode itself.

Show notes:


-I have the flu

-My thoughts on The Walking Dead, these past few seasons

-The last great episode

-Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

-My hopes and expectations

-How I usually watch The Walking Dead



-What I thought of the episode

-Concentrating on certain characters

-Were my expectations met?

-What this episode did correctly






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-Back to my flu



-Chandler Riggs

-The Carl arc in the comic book

-The Garbage People

-The Land of Unlimited Bullets and Gasoline

-Eugene on the show versus Eugene in the comic book

-Back to Chandler Riggs

-A “new” Carl?

-The cast

-Actors and material

-Negan in the comic versus Negan in the show

-Who would I want as a leader, Rick or Negan?

-The dimensions of Negan

-Show Negan’s shining moment

-Negan and Carl’s relationship on the show

-The Governor

-Ezekiel on the show versus Ezekiel in the comic



-Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln

-How I felt when Carl died on the show

-Rick and Michonne

-What I would like to see on Talking Dead

-Morgan and Carol on the show versus the book

-Running out of ammo?

-What makes a good villain

-The score

-Greg Nicotero

-Rick’s hat

-A scenario I never like in movies and TV

-The flare?

-Fear the Walking Dead

-Melodrama with Negan and Jadis

-Do we know Negan?

-Negan’s character

-How I feel about zombies after 30 years

-The makeup

-Morgan and Rick

-The long haired guy (Jared)

-What I think of the episode thus far

-Weird edit

-Focusing on certain characters while building up others

-The King Ezekiel act on the show versus the book

-Negan’s return and character development

-My speculation

-What I thought

--Plugs again!





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Nirvana’s Polly Review

April 10, 2018

In 2014, I recorded my thoughts about Nirvana’s Nevermind, song by song, and put them on YouTube.  Now those musings are on the Music, Movies, and More podcast so feast your ears on my thoughts about “Polly”.

I analyze the music, describe my very first reaction hearing the song in 1991, the true story of “Polly”, and some “what if Nirvana” questions.

Show notes:

-What I thought the song was about before actually listening to it

-What the song is really about

-What makes this unique

-Polly’s parallel to Slayer’s Angel of Death

-What I thought the purpose of songs were

-What this song does

-The melody and harmonies

-When the listener pays attention

-The emotions experienced when listening

-The true story of “Polly”

-Back to the melody and musicianship

-The music versus the lyrics

-How would Polly be received if released in 2014?

-Would Kurt Cobain have a Twitter account?

-If Nevermind were released in 2014, would Nirvana be as big?



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Black Panther Review (Spoilers)

March 25, 2018

Erin and I go into this movie not knowing that much about Black Panther’s history in the comic book world.  Since neither of us saw Captain America: Civil War at the time of the recording, this was our first exposure to Black Panther. 

This podcast was recorded a few minutes after watching the movie.

Spoilers are in vibranium like abundance.

Here are the notes!

-What did we think?

-Going into movies blind

-What Mike knows about Black Panther

-What makes Black Panther different

-The characters and conflict


-The movie’s different parts

-Killmonger’s motivation

-T’Challa’s motivation

-Wakanda’s ultimate decision

-The look of the movie from effects to wardrobe to voices

-Mike’s quick opinions on some other superhero movies

-Black Panther versus generic superhero movies

-Falling in love with the characters

-The cast

-The Black Panther/Star Wars connection

-Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan

-Killmonger’s fate

-The women characters

-The Tolkien Whites

-After the credits

-Captain America

-“Superheroed” out

-Erin’s reactions during the movie

-The heart shaped herb

-Black Panther and inspiration

-Superhero movies featuring people of color

-Solo trailer

-Donald Glover as Lando


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Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Review (Spoilers)

March 21, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve seen The Phantom Menace and Erin barely remembers seeing it at all.  How do I feel about this movie, after years of reading and watching its virtual beatdown on The Internet (cue ominous music)?  How does Erin feel about it after hearing me talk about its virtual beatdown?  You don’t need a high midichlorian count to find out since you can just listen.

Spoilers will be coming at you faster than a podrace at Boonta Eve and make sure to stay tuned for the bonus commentary.

Here are the show notes:



-Judging this movie

-What will Mike think of this movie?

-Words are hard

-The last time Mike saw this movie

-Erin’s expectations and the last time she saw it



-What did we think?

-What could have been cut

-The Phantom Edit

-The lightsaber fight

-Darth Maul and dialogue


-Wish for Maul

-Digital versus practical effects

-What did Erin like about Episode I

-The virgin birth


-Jar Jar Binks

-George Lucas’ humor

-Mike’s nephew and Jar Jar

-Kids and Jar Jar


-Jar Jar and racism

-Stepin Fetchit

-Ahmed Best


-Lucas’ naivety

-Watto and anti-semitism

-Women and Episode I

-Erin’s Senator Palpatine theory

-The influence of The Internet (cue ominous music)

-The pacing

-Qui Gon Jinn


-Mace Windu

-Samuel L. Jackson’s performance

-Jake Lloyd’s performance

-Great performances by child actors

-Lloyd’s personal life

-The acting business


-Mike’s Episode I story

-Is Erin looking forward to Episode II


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Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory (live on Howard Stern)

March 7, 2018

I analyze the best performance to ever grace the Howard Stern Show.  I also talk about my history with Stern and Lady Gaga as well as a few similarities between them.


The performance itself :


Show notes:

-A clip from the show

- Performances on Howard Stern

- Lady Gaga's attire

- Lady Gaga as an interview

- Howard Stern as an interviewer

- Gaga’s performance of Edge of Glory and the difference from the album version

- Acoustic Gaga

-Gaga’s rock influences

-Connecting to the meaning of The Edge of Glory

-Singers and morning hours

-My knowledge and preconceived notions of Gaga at the time

-How she sang

-How she played

-The lyrics and melody

-What I did after this performance

-The Joanne album

-Tony Bennett

-My wish for Lady Gaga

-You and I

-The first time I heard Howard Stern

-Richard Simmons

-Stern’s celebrity friends

-The evolution of Stern

-Stern in the early 90s

-Racial humor

-Post divorce and therapy

-Showing more empathy and kindness

-Howard’s interviewing style

-“Why can’t he . . .”

-My response to Stern critics who don’t want him to change

-Why Stern’s career has lasted this long

-Why Stern is better than ever

-Becoming more accepted

-Powerful Stern fans in the entertainment industry

-Similarities between Stern and Gaga

-Would I have listened to Lady Gaga as a youth?

-My evolution

-Gaga’s evolution

-Not selling out

-Gaga and Metallica

-Getting out of your musical comfort zone

-Coming from a genuine place

-Gaga’s other performances on Stern

-Dope, Hair

-For those Gaga detractors

-Gaga’s acting

-The effect of The Edge of Glory on me

-Why music is so great






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The Unforgiven III (Metallica)

February 25, 2018

I review and analyze The Unforgiven III.  The trilogy is now complete.


Here are the show notes:

-James Hetfield’s Road Recovery interview (

-The intro to my intro

-The frog in my throat

-Doing laundry

-The very beginnings of The Unforgiven I, II and III

-The sound of Death Magnetic

-The melody

-Hetfield singing and playing at the same time

-Hetfield’s lyrics

-Hetfield’s voice

-The lyrics of The Unforgiven I, II and III (them, you, myself)

-Forgiving yourself and forgiving others


-Sailing a ship

-New dawn’s light and Metallica’s fame

-What’s pulling him off course?

-Golden treasure and a free lunch

-Causing pain

-How to handle the careless dreaming

-The things he’s feeling

-Drinking as a way to numb grief

-The death of Hetfield’s mother and the danger of belief

-Psoriasis and cancer

-Afraid of what we’re feeling

-Sharing and showing your feelings

-Wanting to get away

-How can I be lost?

-Seas of gold and getting cold

-Looking back

-Who is he blaming?

-All the weight on his shoulders

-The fog

-The hell outside and intoxicating inside

-The angry teenager who lost his mom and dad

-The 20 something who lost his friend

-Party’s over, man

-His ship


-Hetfield’s fears?

-Now a castaway

-Forgive me, forgive me not and a callback to The Unforgiven II

-The word “love” in a Metallica song

-The best parts of the song

-Hetfield’s howl (Why can’t I FORGIVE MEEEE????)

-Kirk Hammett’s solo

-Hammett’s case for solos in Some Kind of Monster (he was right)

-St. Anger songs for future shows?

-Hammett’s guitar sound

-My Lawn Guyland accent

-How The Unforgiven I, II, and III go together

-The Unforgiven III live

-Seeing Metallica on the World Magnetic tour

-Not getting tickets to the Hardwired tour

-The live sound of the World Magnetic tour

-A deep tracks show?

-Fans voting?

-My favorite song on Death Magnetic






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Nirvana’s Lithium from the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards

February 18, 2018

Waaaaaaay back in 2014, I recorded my thoughts about Nirvana’s Nevermind, song by song, and put them on YouTube.  Now those musings are on the Music, Movies, and More podcast. 


While obviously not featured on Nevermind, I have such fond memories of Lithium from the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, that I felt motivated to comment on that performance.


The audio is a little choppy in some places and I can’t remember why.  It’s been a long four years (and a really long 26).


Here’s the breakdown:

-Nirvana and music itself in 1992

-The MTV Video Music Awards and the first day of school

-Watching MTV in 1992

-Trying to find information in 1992

-The performance

-What Kurt Cobain looked and sounded like

-Dave Grohl and protein shakes

-Headbanging and brain damage?

-Krist Novecelic

-The audience at the 1992 VMA

-Where’s the bass solo?

-The live lyrics

-Metallica on Howard Stern

-The anti-rock stars

-Led Zeppelin

-Cobain’s look

-Krist Novoselic's bass accident

-Grohl and Axl Rose

-New sheriffs in town

-Metallica and Axl Rose

-The sensitive underdogs






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The Unforgiven II

January 31, 2018

I review and analyze The Unforgiven II by Metallica.

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Here’s the breakdown:

-What is going on in this song?

-The good and bad about absolutely knowing a song’s meaning

-Does even James Hetfield know what the song means?

-How Eddie Vedder changed the meaning of Pearl Jam’s “Alive” 

-The production

-The music (country elements)

-Mama Said

-AC/DC, Slayer and evolving

-The Unforgiven II live

-My setlist wish

-The character in Unforgiven II

-What does it mean to be unforgiven?

-Interpreting songs

-The Beatles’ “Blackbird”

-A YouTube comment from Filandrianos helped my interpretation

-The Unforgiven III

-My email, Twitter, and Facebook


-Who is “They”?

-Make my demons run?

-The door to what?

-What does he mean by “true”?

-Paralyze and pair of lies

-The door cracks open

-Black heart

-The lyrics website sucks

-No sun shining

-Looking back

-Can he be open?

-Could she be the one?

-Uh oh

-Is he going to kill her?

-Never love again?

-She’ll be there when I’m gone

-Dead sure?

-Hetfield’s face in the video

-What has he done?

-So are your eyes

-Where it gets interesting

-The positive and negative sun

-Standing alone

-Dubbing thee

-The key

-The purpose of dark and tragic music

-Why Hetfield’s lyrics are great

-For those stuck in Metallica’s thrash period

-Heart, aggression, and music

-The music I love

-My music collection

-There’s room for it all



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Thanks for living!

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