Waxing and Waning Nostalgic

June 26, 2017

My friends Mike Polizzi and Steve Goldstein and I discuss growing up in the 80s and 90s.  Throughout the same podcast, we sound both like crotchety old men and forward looking young men. 


We discuss:

-Instant gratification

-Video stores

-Waiting on line for concert tickets (not online but on line)

-Buying albums before hearing them

-Sniffing the liner notes and the tactile nature of albums

-Cultural impact of music

-Paying for music

-Searching for new music

-Unlimited access

-Riding bikes


-Driving directions

-Remembering phone numbers


-Video games

-Phone and tablet addiction

-Rock bands of the past vs. today’s bands

-Recording music (analog vs. digital)

-Where are the rock protest songs?

-News and clickbait

-Social media time suck

-Social media validation


-Snail mail

-Not missing people because of social media

-The advantage of not seeing people on social media

-Texting and messaging

-Personal relationships

-Looking at your phone

-Going to concerts


-Making movies and music

-Embracing the modern age


We were outside so there was a little bit of wind but no breaking wind. . . that we know of.


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