The Black Parade Breakdown

July 18, 2017

The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance is one of my favorite albums.  After a few listens, I began to discover the similarities to certain songs by other artists that I liked. By similarities, I don’t mean that MCR is stealing, I use think they’re using their influences wisely.

Therefore, I have picked songs from The Black Parade that I feel are the most similar to other songs, play clips of those songs back to back and then give my thoughts.

We begin with “The End.” and its similarities to “Five Years” David Bowie and “In the Flesh?” by Pink Floyd.


Speaking of classic rock stars like Bowie, I plan to do a podcast about when these legends are alleged or convicted of, terrible acts.  The podcast will focus on how we separate the message from the messengers and whether we should.  Can we celebrate their music since it has been such an important part of our lives while, at the same time, being against these deplorable acts?

For now, I will talk about the music but these actions are not something I will ignore. In the meantime, check out the articles below:


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