George A. Romero Tribute

August 8, 2017

One of the greats and a true pioneer.  If there was no George A. Romero, there would be no Walking Dead.  

I mainly focus on Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead with a smattering of his other movies. 












Here’s the breakdown:

-Doing laundry

-How I found out about his death

-His career success versus his impact

-My introduction to Romero



-Night of the Living Dead  (NOTLD) in “un-living color”

-My fascination with horror

-How often I watched Night of the Living Dead

-There was a black and white version?


-Copyright issues with NOTLD. I made a mistake.  The copyright didn’t run out, the distributors neglected to include copyright information when the original title of “Night of the Flesh Eaters” was changed to “Night of the Living Dead”.

-Using the VHS remote

-Watching NOTLD as a kid compared to an adult

-NOTLD’s social message

-I made a mistake. The script was not changed because Duane Jones was black but because Jones wanted the Ben to be an intellectual and not a simple truck driver.

-Casting a black man as the lead 

-Duane Jones as Ben

-Women characters in NOTLD

-Meeting Judith O’Dea and John Russo

-Telling John Russo about watching NOTLD in color

-Checking my laundry

-Romero directing commercials

-Decorating my school books

-My introduction to Dawn of the Dead (DOTD)

-A sequel but not really

-Watching DOTD as an adult compared as a kid

-Romero’s comment on the media’s rating obsession and my comments on the 24 hour news networks

-The characters in DOTD

-The social message (zombies in a mall, wanting stuff)

-How many times I watched DOTD

-DOTD compared to NOTLD

-Roger Ebert’s review

-Worrying my mom

-Making a deal

-Buying DOTD on VHS

-Quoting the movie

-Laundry check 2

-I don’t have enough change

-DOTD at an acting gig with a condescending actress

-A quick What the Health documentary tangent

-Day of the Dead 

-My first impression

-The gore

-The makeup FX

-Tom Savini

-Greg Nicotero

-Day of the Dead as an adult

-The acting 

-Lori Cardille

-Sarah and how she was written

-Bechdel Test

-Day of the Dead’s social message

-Military in 80s movies

-Scientists vs. the military 

-People of color in Day of the Dead

-Watching Day of the Dead as a kid

-Bub and the evolution of zombies

-Land of the Dead

-The subtle social message

-Diary of the Dead

-The not so subtle social message

-Telling and not showing

-Survival of the Dead (I mistakenly called it Island of the Dead)

-Creepshow, Creepshow II (Romero wrote the screenplay, he did not direct), NOTLD remake

-Memories of Monkey Shines

-The cast of Monkey Shines

-Ed Harris

-Trying to get something off the ground in the wake of The Walking Dead

-Don’t smoke 

-Another Romero podcast

-What I like about slow zombies

-Art as a way of immortality 











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