July 29, 2017

My friend Jared is going to Peru to drink ayahuasca, a heavy duty hallucinogen .  I ask him, “WHHHHHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!”

This is part one of a two part podcast.  This episode is before Jared goes on his trip (pun intended)  If,—I mean, once Jared gets back, part two will be about his experience.

To contact Jared with any questions or comments, find him on Facebook by searching for “Jared Strack” or email him directly at lightraiyn@hotmail.com


Here’s the breakdown:


-Intro to Jared

-Why is Jared going to Peru?

-What is ayahuasca?

-Why is Jared taking it?

-“Cleansing” (or as Mike calls it, “Puking and Shitting”)

-Where will Jared be tripping?

-Jared’s a nurse!

-How will Jared get to the place where he will trip?

-What is Jared expecting?

-Jared overprepares

-Would Mike do it?

-Shaman credibility

-The ayahuasca industry

-Researching ayahuasca 


-Mike is worried

-Mitigating risks

-How does Jared feel now and what does he want to change, and what does he want to feel after it’s over? Mike is scared.


-Jared on being adopted

-We’re lost

-Colombia when Jared was born (he was born there) and Colombia now

-Jared’s biological mother

-We’re still lost

-What ayahuasca is supposed to do

-Jared’s self talk as a youth

-Success stories versus horror stories (placebo and nocebo?)

-This is not a magic pill

-Bringing about change after the trip

-Rolling Stone story about psychedelics (the good and bad)

-Jared’s preparation process (diet and lifestyle; no prescription medication)

-Jared’s mentality 

-We’re still lost and running low on gas

-What ayahuasca is meant to be

-Mike is still worried


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